Is Magento the Best eCommerce Platform

More often than not, many web developers & business owners believe that Magento is the best ecommerce platform in the market.

Even if you search online with a query "the best ecommerce platform", you might see numerous result and one of them could be Magento or at least someone would have suggested Magento.

It is true that Magento has a lot of ecommerce features that are required to run an ecommerce business. 
Magento ecommerce platform is known its flexibility & scalability and one of the reasons why exactly most ecommerce business owners and web developers prefer Magento than other ecommerce platform. With that being said, one thing you must understand is 'there is nothing like the perfect ecommerce platform". Depending up on your requirement and business model, any platform can be the best and Magento has always been the most considered and best ecommerce platform for so many ecommerce business model.  
Nafi over at say that why everyone prefers Magento is because it is OPEN SOURCE, MADE FOR ECOMMERCE, HIGHLY SCALABLE & CUSTOMISABLE & SEO FRIENDLY
Magento features two basic editions, the Community Edition and the Enterprise edition. The Magento Community Edition features two most favored characteristic of modern-day platforms, being free and open source. This edition cannot work on large scale websites with many products. It hasn’t got technical support either. On the other hand, Magento features community based support where other users can help you with your issues. It is great for learning, with the target audience being developers and merchants with a passion for tech.
Before choosing Magento, you need to understand different editions/versions available in the platform, the Enterprise edition & the Community edition. If you are a startup & a mid-sized established company who would like to sell products online, then go for community edition as they are 100% free & open source. The community edition works best as long as you don't need much scalability with millions of products. The one big drawback is, it doesn't have the customer support. On the other side, we have the enterprise edition, which is much more powerful than the community edition with advanced features, functionalities & can be scalable to withstand very large website with great customer support.

Learn more from the infographic about the different Magento versions from

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