10 People On Earth Who are Full of Wonders

The world has so many unseen wonders for us to show but we may not have seen what is even visible. Watch this video to see these 10 people who are very unique and full of wonders.

#10. Yu Zhenhuan - Man with full of hairs all over his body (almost 96%) due to some hormonal imbalance.

#9. Helmut Strebl - A 49 year old Austrian bodybuilder who said have only 3% of body fat. His level dedication shows us that hard work, dedication and passion truly paves the way to success.

#8. Tran Van Hay – Most people may not like this due to is ugly appearance. A man from Vietnam has not cut his hair for nearly 50 years and has not shown it to any outsiders.

#7. Ekaterina Lisina – If you like tall women, then you may start liking this Russian model who is 6 feet 9 inches tall and also said to have a biggest feet for any woman on earth.

#6. Nikita Tkachuk – Although this bulgy body looks fake but he somehow managed to make it to the list. This man from Russia has a huge body size which is said to be an alcohol and oil combination that simply inflates muscles.

#5. Skye Broberg – Skye Broberg is also called Skye Circus. She is truly a wonder woman who said to have travelled all over the world and performed on Televion, streets and stage shows. Watch this video to see what kind of stunts she performs.
#4. Michele Kobke - This lady has slept in a corset for about 3 years every night and result of it is her reduced waist by 9 inches. Michele kobke now has 16 inch waist and due to this she gets a lot of attention when shes goes out. Are you thinking to sleep with Corset? #3. Nick Stoeberl - This man holds the record for having the longest tongue in the world. This record has not been broken yet. If you got the longest tongue, you could probably make it to the list. Hey stop stretching your tongue out.

#2. Thái Ngọc - We all know that human is very vital for human life. Lack of sleep can lead to many diseases. But here is strange Vietnamese farmer who has not been sleeping for the last 43 years. Wondering how on earth such people live?
#1. Dean Karnazes – This man is truly super gifted. He can run continuously for 3 days and nights without taking a break or stopping anywhere. Dean Karnazes holds are record of running more than 100 miles.
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Video Courtesy: Interesting Facts

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