Is logo really important for any business?

First thing first, what is a logo? A logo is a blend of textual and visual imagery that represents either a company name or a symbol or both. Logos are a powerful business tool that communicates with the user every time they look at it and reminds of the business name or its purpose.

We have witnessed some of the greatest logos in our recent times and these logos have got struck in to our minds that even if you ask a kid they would be able to tell what the company is all about. Coco Cola and McDonalds are a few greatest examples to relate in this context.
Generally, a human brain can grasp visually designed text or images much faster than plain text so having a professional logo that delivers a clear message for your business can build your brand much faster and easier.

When big businesses design logos they undergo a series of process and a lot of iterations happen. A lot of mock-up design logos are created with pre-defined set of rules such as what should appear in logo and what shouldn’t, how it should look in different angles and scenarios, etc. These mock-up designs also serve as an input to create the final logo.

The most important thing to understand while using a logo is that once you have finalised a logo, the same logo has to used on various communication modes such as letterheads, signage, websites, visiting card, etc, and if the logos are inconsistent and if you keep changing logos every now and then, then your brand name will create a lot of chaos thus resulting in

If you are looking forward to design a logo, you can sketch it in a plain white paper and create several mock ups and then use design software such as photoshop or illustrator. If you want to use a simple text logos to start with, then you can consider using a site called cool letters. provides colourful text logos with which you can either create several mocks ups or create a simple colourful logo.

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