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Today I happened to visit a site that creates SVG avatar. 

This site creates a free cartoon online for yourself so that you can use it to build your own personal brand. The coolest thing about this avatar maker is that it provides you with various cartoon options with a lot of attribute choices such as various eye options, hair options, etc. Not just these, you can also use different pre-loaded clothing styles, backdrops and colours to choose.

Here is how you can create your own avatar in

  1. First choose your gender
  2. Once you have chosen your gender, you ll straightaway see the list of face attributes to choose
  3. Choose the face shape that resembles yours or any shape that you see a good fit for your avatar
  4. Next, choose the various mouth options. Choose this option very carefully because it will deliver the overall emotion of the avatar. If you want to be seen as the coolest avatar, choose the smiling shape.
  5. Then, choose the nose option and then the ears
  6. While doing each step, if you would like to change the color you can do so with the pre-defined option or you can create your own color by sampling clicking on the “Color Circle”
  7. Once you have designed the face, you can then choose the various options provided for the eye.
  8. It contains shapes and designs for eye, iris, eyebrows, and if you want your avatar to look more nerd or geeky, you can consider choosing reading eye glasses or if you prefer to keep it stylish and chic and then choose the fashionable glasses that resembles aviator and wayfarer models.
  9. Then comes the option to choose various hair styles, moustache and beards
  10. Then choose your clothes, if you prefer to keep it cool and chic, choose the tshirts , and for more formal look choose shirts or suit options.
  11. Finally, you get an option to different back drop.
  12. That’s it your avatar is now ready for download.

If you want to skip all the options and wanted the system to generate the avatar of yourself, then simply click on the random button and you will see various avatars generated in jiffy.

So what are you waiting for? Just visit and create the avatar that reflects your style, personality and emotions.

Btw, this is my avatar. I hope you will like it!

Ain't I looking nerd? LOL!

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