Overhaul Your Windows Media Player by Renaming Your Songs


Renaming Windows Media Player Songs  
Windows Media Player (WMP) is the only digital jukebox that all versions of Windows prefer most. WMP offers a number of features to arrange your music files, create playlists, transform CDs into songs, and turn songs back into CDs. The most striking one in this jukebox is it dramatic cosmetic overhaul.

How Does WMP Work?

The default WMP works nicely, but sometimes you want something a little more customized. Inside every WMP resides Find Album Info—it helps you to find the info about your tracks. It's working is pretty simple: choose the correct album from the available selections and you're off and running. But there's an issue: it works only on a song-by-song basis. That's not automatic enough, even when you select all your songs.  

Now Rename Your WMP Songs

Every song is likely to have its own unique name. Renaming them manually can be risky. An automatic and safe way to rename songs in Windows Media player is to use the Easy File Renamer utility. Download it here: Rename Songs.

You generally need to change names one at a time, if you’re doing in manually. Here's how:
1. Open WMP.
2. Tap the Library tab.
3. Scroll in the leftmost pane to My Playlists.
4. Select the name of the playlist that needs your attention.
5. In that playlist, right-click on any song and tap Find Album Info.
6. Now search that name of the song.
7. Hit Next. (WMP starts collecting info about the song you've selected)
8. Make sure it's correct. Tap Edit (if it does not display the correct info). Type the new name and hit Enter.
9. Tap Finish.
Another handy feature is to use a WMP's in-built editor. It's handy: click a song's name and choose Rename Song. Here's how:

1. Open WMP.
2. Find your Playlist.
3. Right-click on any song and tap Edit.
4. Now you're all set.
Wondering whether renaming a song renames the playlist as well? No. The playlist name remains the same. But you can rename your playlist as well, if you'd like. WMP always picks up whatever is available in your My Music/My Playlists.

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