Modern Vanity Lighting is the New Trend

Did you know that modern vanity lighting is the new trend? Look around and notice how lights on the walls are filling contemporary spaces.

Modern Vanity Lighting is the New Trend for Decoration of Modern Spaces in your Home or Office

Just take a look at your office and other public areas. If you are observant of the elements around, you will notice how Modern Vanity Lighting is filling all spaces rapidly. They are mostly used on the wall and just for decoration porpoises.

Do not stay in the past and jump to the rising wave of Modern Vanity Lighting for your home. On the following sections, we are going to give you a piece of advice on what you can do and how to use them. You will learn how to take the most of your Modern Vanity Lighting. They can be of much use, and not just a mere decoration. We have gathered some of the beautiful vanity lighting from a Miami based lighting stores

Your Bathroom’s mirror can benefit from Modern Vanity Lighting

A bathroom is a perfect place to add Modern Vanity Lighting. This beautiful sample from Z-Lite is the perfect choice for a small mirror. There is a model with 4 lights if you have a wider space.
The best of this sort of lighting for your bathroom’s mirror is that you can combine the same style upside down to give some accents to certain parts of the place. For example, I like to highlight the corners or the sides of the mirror.

Another approach is to use chrome finishing for the lighting. Most bathroom accessories are chrome too, and they will be a perfect match.

Vanity Lightning for the Halls

Add sophistication to the halls using vanity lighting. You can use for example this Elk Lighting Braxton and illuminate an extended area if you put it at regular intervals. The radiation pattern pointing to the two sides with different bulbs is perfect to spread equal light along the area. Other similar examples can match your specific decoration style.

Jump to the New Trend on your Dressing Room
If your dressing room is old, it might require a renovation. Do you notice the place dark and gloomy at times? Then it is a sign that it was designed long ago because new trends would’ve used lots of lights. Here are some ideas.

The dressing room is a zone with much potential. The Z-Lite Mirach 2 we show in the picture can be the perfect match for certain furniture styles. It can fit perfectly in small spots to bring light to your dressing room.

Most dressing areas have big mirrors. For mirrors, the Trans Globe 2 Light Bath Bar is perfect, because the polished chrome finishing is a natural match for a mirror. You can place one bar in the middle, or if your mirror is big, distribute two or three bars depending on the length. That way you will illuminate the mirror area evenly.
If you are not sure how many bars you should place, a rule of thumb is to put 1 bar per every meter. If you have something between 1 and 2 meters, then put 1 and see how it goes. If the light works for you, then you may leave it that way, but if you have the chance to add another bar, it is better than leaving just one.

Vintage and cute Crystal Vanity Lighting

Our favorite choice is a vintage cute crystal lamp. To illustrate it, we have chosen the Elk Lighting Cristallo Fiore, consisting of three light bars. The design is in the middle of sophistication and retro, with cute forms that resemble nature. For sure it is part of the trend. There are other similar models in the collection, like chandeliers and different light bars. You can mix and match different models while you redecorate your home.

Vanity Lighting in your Kitchen

The kitchen can take advantage of the new lighting trend. Using vanity lights at places where cabinets cast shadows will represent much more than just a decoration improvement. To clearly see while you cook is priceless, and this sort of lamp will help you to create the right ambiance for cooking.
It is easy to clean, so don’t worry about spoiling your fancy light. Some models have dismountable parts that you can wash safely.

Vanity Lighting is something more than just an ornament. It can reach dark zones easily. There are many models, and you can feel confident of their utility, creating light where it was dark.

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