Unique New Laser Engraving Markets

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Almost anyone can start up a laser engraving business and become a success. All it takes is a computer, graphics-based software, and the laser engraver machine itself. Deciding on what to engrave requires finding customers who are willing to pay you for your services, and as the engraving market becomes more and more crowded, smart business people are looking to fill niches that others haven't already explored. 

Here are seven applications you may not have thought of that might prove lucrative as you are starting out in the laser engraving business:

Tags & Labels

Don't mess around with rubber stamps and one-of-a-kind wood engravings. Head for local industries where they need labels for their control panels, safety, warning, and instructional labels, barcode stickers and lots of other things they need to identify their products and machinery.

Apparels & Fabrics

There is a huge new market today for lasers in fabrics. A lot can be done with denim, polyesters and most of today's man-made fabrics. The high power of a laser beam results in attractive and sellable artwork with perfectly cut edges. Almost any fabric can be engraved and cut; from cotton, silk, denim, Nylon, Polyester, leather, and many others. Laser engraving is fast which allows your customer to get his goods and services quicker to the market than the competition.


Acrylics are a great market for laser engraving; from signage to awards and even gift items. Ornaments, keepsakes, key fobs, and awards are all money-makers. Sign companies will also need acrylics cut for letters they make or repair. Your laser will do a super job with this since unlike cutting by hand labor, every letter you cut is done with exactly the same identical process.

Signs & Name Badges

Walk into any business and you'll find at least one or two plastic signs. From warning signs, restrooms, exits, push/pull here, and more, there is almost no shortage of the need for engraved signs. Your laser will etch them faster than any other method.

Wood Products

Laser engraved wood products are unique and beautiful, and they can be highly profitable. There are hundreds of wood gift items that can be laser engraved, from keepsake boxes, key fobs, ink pens, photo albums and more. An item that takes you less than a minute to engrave and costs you less than a couple of dollars, can easily be sold for ten times that amount.

Rubber Stamps

Making rubber stamps can also be an extremely profitable laser business. Many businesses use rubber stamps and they need to replace them on a regular basis, therefore giving you a continuous income every few months. Pre-inked stamps and embossing seals also carry a very high profit margin.

Coated Metals

There are dozens of metals on today's market that lasers can easily engrave. Black brass-plated steel has been popular along with anodized aluminum, brass-plated steel and several of the newest hi-tech metals are all favorites to make name signs, badges, and gift items.

New markets and new applications continue to open up practically every day for laser engraving. You never know what the next money-making idea might be. But keep in mind that you're in an ever-expanding business, and the opportunities for success are almost endless when dealing with laser engraving.

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