Task Lighting - Mini Pendants for Kitchen Islands

Kitchens offer storage for everything from utensils to electrical appliances. However the need for storage space means that there is less work space for anyone who uses the kitchen. This is why interior designers came up with the idea of kitchen islands. These are in the form of counter tops that are centrally located for cooking needs such as food preparation. This is also why kitchen islands usually double as kitchen tables in most homes across the country.

Let’s see how you can use mini pendants to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen -

Contemporary Styled Kitchens: Always pick pendant lighting that complements the design of your kitchen. For instance choose a contemporary style if the décor is contemporary as well. The lighting in this décor draws the eyes upward. Notice how the weathered wood ceiling complements the dark metal finish on the hanging fixtures.

Tuscan Style: Traditional kitchen island lighting might be made from frosted glass or any other older styles. Decorative metallic details add to the traditional pendant lights on top of a kitchen island.

Look how the tapered glass pendants in this modern kitchen design suit the streamlined surfaces of the décor without seeming too old or out of place on top of this rustic kitchen island.

Eclectic Style: Of course, you might have decided to play around with the décor of your kitchen and decided to go for a mix of both modern and traditional styles. Notice how these pendants fit perfectly into this eclectically designed kitchen. You can see how the fixtures also mirror the rustic feel of the floor tiles.

Mini pendant lights offer a number of unique and wonderful choices for homeowners looking to make their kitchen islands stand out. They define the space and add some personality to it without being too overbearing. Their small size accounts for that. Just make sure that you keep the finishes and hardware of your kitchen and kitchen islands in mind before you purchase mini pendants that complement them.

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