Go Grand with Low Ceiling Lighting

Modern living spaces may not have the luxury of high ceilings, but can still impress with dramatic overhead lighting. While chandeliers may not be a practical option for low ceilinged rooms, there is no reason why these homeowners cannot make an impressive statement with their lighting design. 

Low ceilings are a common feature in most modern-day homes and apartments, given the constraints of available space. Low ceilings can make a room appear smaller than it actually is, making it look crowded and even claustrophobic. Compromising with a sad, uninspiring and apologetic ceiling lamp makes it worse. The trick is to use the right kind of lighting to open up the space and make your decor a talking point. With the right light fittings, even an 8’ ceiling can be transformed into a stunning and eye-catching centerpiece.

Crystal flush mounts are decorative light fixtures that replicate the grandeur of majestic crystal chandeliers at a more affordable price, while their low profile ensures safety for the residents. Flush mount lighting is typically preferred for hallways, bedrooms, closets and bathrooms – areas mostly with low ceilings. However, given the extensive designs available with multiple options for crystal types, metal finishes, styles and sizes, even a formal living room can live it up with a spectacular crystal ceiling mount light.

Crystal flush mount light fittings from GoldenAgeUSA.com bring the glamor and opulence of crystal chandeliers into your home in finishes ranging from 24K gold and antique brass to chrome and bronze among others. Made from cast brass, steel and wrought iron, these crystal flush mounts are decorated with the finest Swarovski and lead crystals. Sizes range from compact 10” high and 12” wide fittings to crystal flush mounts 72” wide.

Similar to crystal chandeliers, crystal flush mounts come in various styles to suit traditional as well as contemporary decor themes, and include intricate and elaborate gold-plated flush mounts with Full Lead crystals to more modern chrome and crystal combinations.

Tips for selecting the right crystal flush mount for your low ceiling

1.     The height of your fixture is an important factor and ideally should not exceed 16” in an 8’-high room, leaving a minimum of 6’8” of safe walking space beneath.
2.     Large rooms with low ceilings need to be balanced with an appropriately scaled central light fitting. Crystal flush mounts are even available in 4’ widths and low heights.
3.     To get the width right in proportion to the size of the room, total up the width and length of the room in feet – the same number in inches is the width you need for your flush mount.
4.     Instead of a single flush mount that may look out of place in a large room, you can install multiple fittings evenly spaced out across the ceiling to ensure symmetry.
5.     Choose dramatic over subtle – your crystal flush mount is designed to attract attention.
6.     Crystal flush mounts deliver ambient lighting hence low wattage lamps are perfect (and also safer as they won’t overheat).
7.     If your low ceiling is higher than 8’, you could consider a semi flush mount.
8.     Add a dimmer to control the ambient lighting.

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