Crystal Wall Sconces by Elegant Lighting

Form and function come together in a brilliant collection ofcrystal wall sconces by Elegant Lighting. Wall sconces are wall-mounted lighting fixtures that are worked into the overall lighting design plan of the room to serve a decorative as well as functional role. In a layered lighting scheme, which is especially recommended for living and dining rooms in the home, wall sconces assume the role of accent lighting to highlight specific architectural features, paintings, pictures or art objects on the wall.

Crystal wall sconces are right at the top of the pyramid among all wall sconce styles, primarily for the elegance, opulence, class and sparkle they add to the design environment. Crystal wall sconces, for instance can be matched to the chandelier in the room to maintain design continuity. Considered ideal for traditional as well as modern decors, these wall sconces can serve an uplighting, downlighting or all-round lighting function depending on the object being highlighted.

Crystal wall sconces by Elegant Lighting offer an extensive choice of sizes, finishes, styles and crystal types. While sizes range from as small as 8-inch widths up to 30 inches, finishes include chrome, gold, pewter, antique bronze and various colors. Available in a wide range of styles to suit heritage as well as contemporary interior designs, the wall sconces are decorated with Full Lead Crystals, Swarovski crystals and Golden Teak polished crystals. Styles complementing chandelier designs as well as sconces from the Maria Theresa and Tiffany collections are some of the popular models offered by Elegant Lighting.

Elegant Lighting’s collection of crystal wall sconces can be installed in the foyer, living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom vanity. This traditional chandelier-influenced crystal wall sconce (above) featuring Full Lead crystals can be used for instance, to add a new sparkling dimension to a plain painted wall in the foyer or a formal dining room. For more contemporary decors, Elegant Lighting’s 3-light polished chrome wall sconces (below) dressed in Full Lead, Swarovski or Swarovski Strass crystals can also stand on their own as objet d’art.

From the Toureg collection, this beautiful 6-light crystal wall sconce features a chrome finish and is suitable for highlighting a painting or sculpture in a contemporary decor. The Toureg collection also includes a 6-light gold plated crystal wall sconce that would add the required glamor to any vanity.

Elegant Lighting’s Alexandria collection includes a selection of candelabra styles in a choice of chrome or gold plated finishes, performing an uplighting function in a three-light configuration. Candelabra sconce designs are also available in the Elizabeth, Maria Theresa, Muse, Aria and Monarch collections. The traditional candelabra design is apt for any old-style environment. An unusual Tiffany 3-light crystal wall sconce in chrome finish will definitely be an object of curiosity for guests.

A beautifully crafted range of dressy crystal wall sconces from Elegant Lighting’s Corona family projects a regal demeanor with a gold plated finish and Swarovski Spectra crystals completing the imperial appearance.

This 3-light chrome-plated wall sconce from the Flora family carries an interesting 2-tier design with Full Lead crystal drops, and feels just right for a modern home.

Crystal wall sconces from Elegant Lighting add new dimensions and drama to any wall in traditional as well as modern homes and apartments.

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