Refresh your Bath Décor with These Decorative Toilet Flush Handles

We think of so many décor options for every part of the house. It is amazing to see how some minute details bring about quite an impact on the overall décor. Found these decorative toilet handles at Thrifty Décor Chick and loved them totally.
This appeared to be a door handle at first glance. I read on to realize that it was a toilet flush handle…and, here I am to spill pictures of some really stylish and quirky toilet flush handles.

Everyday utility items like flush handles need not be boring. When we pay attention to décor details all through the house, why leave out “teeny weeny” décor details on the toilet flush.

Decorative toilet flush handles can be a splurge considering that the basic ones come at $15. I wouldn’t mind as long as it makes an interesting statement in the bathroom.

Have a look at these…. A simple x-shaped toilet handle. 

A fish that will complement any bath décor.

This sitting mermaid is definitely on my must-have list. The satin pewter finish adds so much more elegance to the mermaid.
Add the timeless teddy bear to your children’s bathroom. They will love it.

This sea-horse is a perfect addition to an aqua-themed bathroom.

This intricately designed butterfly toilet handle is the charmer of the lot.

We’ve been talking of flowers, flowers and more flowers this spring. These blooming roses will be a big hit among floral lovers.

The classic acanthus leaf flush handle revives the classic look.

Frog, shark, lighthouse, seashell, sailboat, kitten, palm tree and more designs... Check out this site for some more interesting and quirky stuff for your bath decor.
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