Designing the Kitchen Island

Pendant lights are contemporary task lighting that works great in the kitchen. While hanging pendants provide adequate illumination in the kitchen, they also make good design elements that add style and grace to the space. 

Most designers go for pendant lighting, by grouping three pendants over the kitchen island. Based on the ‘Rule of Three’, a popular edict that essentially states that, to achieve perfect balance in a space, one must repeat the design elements thrice.

Contemporary designs and décor however do not follow these rules. Here is a perfect example where the kitchen island is illuminated with a cluster of sparkling pendants.

These hand blown clusters of hanging pendant lights are the focal point of the kitchen. They make the kitchen truly contemporary with a modern statement.

The frosted glass pendants in this island, look stylish and glamorous and is a perfect foil for the colored glassware which is the focal point of this kitchen. Here is another example, where the ‘The Rule of Three’ is technically ignored. In this kitchen island, the size of the table is very small and the two large size pendant lights gives adequate illumination balancing the design of the decor.

Keeping the décor of the space in mind, the pendant lights can also made as the focal point of the kitchen island.
 Lending a rich vibrant colour to a neutral décor, the straight lines of these pendant lights complement the angular panes of this pristine white space, juxtaposed by the colourful flower vase and the fruit bowl.

While the colored pendants stand out well in this décor, some opt for pendants that complement them.

The craftsman-style pendant lights illuminate the kitchen island perfectly while blending seamless with the rustic décor of this space.

Classically white, these large sized pendants provide good task lighting and add to the grace of this modern kitchen.

For those who love to keep things traditional can go for formal pendant lights such as these. Here the focal point of the kitchen is the square paintings above the countertop, which is framed by the pendants from both the sides. A smaller version of same pendant is fixed above the sink as well.

With a long hanging chain, these cathedral style pendant lights looks dramatic in this modern kitchen.

Ideas for hanging pendant lights

Kitchen islands are busy areas, a space where we cook and bake. Choosing lights for this area needs a lot of thought. While hanging pendants must provide good illumination here, it should be fixed at the right height for people to see each other around the island. It should not be too high, which would be glaring and not too low, which would obstruct the view. Most experts recommend that the pendants can be placed 28 to 34 inches above the island or the countertop.

Multi-level two-tier islands like this kitchen can have hanging pendant lights in varying heights for a dramatic effect. 

Pendants can also be used in kitchens that do not have an island area. Hanging pendants in the breakfast table or over the sink does add to the style quotient.

Multiple pendant lights in different colors can also used in the kitchen island to create an interesting effect. In this kitchen, the cobalt blue, red and yellow looks unique in this natural wood décor.

Remember that a well-designed kitchen can fall flat due to inadequate and improper lighting fixtures while a neutral décor can be stand out unique by just using a single dramatic colored pendant light.

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