Brass chandeliers by Elegant Lighting

Crystal chandeliers in brass represent sophisticated old-world elegance and have been in favor with homeowners ever since their introduction in early 18th century. Brass chandeliers make a smart choice for the home. Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc is a long-lasting material that resists corrosion and is highly malleable. Brass chandeliers therefore, are low in maintenance and can retain their beautiful untarnished appearance for a long time.

Depending on the proportion of copper and zinc used in the alloy, brass finishes can range from fully gold and yellow to even red. Brass chandeliers are mainly known for two types of finishes: The highly polished finish with a golden glow, and the antique polished finish, reflecting the grace of another, much older era.

The flexible character of brass chandeliers makes them fit into any decor style. Thanks to the malleability of the material and choice of finishes, brass chandelier design can range from authentic antique, Victorian, neo-classical and art deco to more contemporary, ultra-modern pieces.

Brass chandeliers are suitable for any room of the house and come in various sizes to suit specific spaces from large crystal brass chandeliers for living and dining rooms to mini chandeliers for the foyer or bathroom. Chandeliers with uplights are ideal for creating ambient lighting while downlighting is preferred when the chandelier serves a lighting function too.

Elegant Lighting, available from offers a large collection of brass chandeliers sized from 10” to 54” with various options for crystal type, lamps, styles and finishes.

The largest in the brass range by Elegant Lighting is the 54” crystal chandelier from the Rosalia Collection in French Gold finish featuring 45 lights in a 3-tier arrangement, set off by machine cut and polished genuine crystal drops.

One of the smallest crystal brass chandeliers in the Elegant Lighting range is an enchanting 3-light mini chandelier from the Lille Collection, measuring just 10”x10” in a beautiful antique brass finish and dressed with Full Lead crystal drops. These compact, yet stunning mini brass chandeliers are also available with Swarovski crystals and hand-cut Golden Teak crystals, finished in antique bronze and French Gold.

 Another from the Rosalia Collection, this vintage 18”x19” brass crystal chandelier sports five lights, Golden Teak crystal drops and a French Gold finish.

This Rosalia brass chandelier with a width of 28” and height of 36” is just right for a medium-sized foyer. Featuring 15 lights in a 10+5 arrangement, this crystal chandelier includes Golden Teak crystals and an antique bronze finish.

Larger brass chandeliers from Elegant Lighting are available in 38”x62” sizes with a total of 25 lights arranged in three rows and decorated with Full Lead or Golden Teak crystals. More than 5’ in height, these classy chandeliers feature an antique bronze or French Gold finish.

Cleaning tip: Brass chandeliers are simple to maintain since they resist corrosion and rust, and do not tarnish easily. Cleaning a brass chandelier is as simple as wiping it down with a gentle dish soap and water solution, and drying it completely with a soft cloth.

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