Update your Room with a Stylish Kichler Fan – Follow these simple DIY tips

It’s time to update your ceiling fans with something new and exciting. With the help of these DIY tips, you can change your old fan and hang a stylish Kichler that complements the décor of the room.

  •  First step of the process is to turn off the electricity at the circuit box and make sure the fan switch is off
  • Next remove each of the blades, the light and then the motor of the old fan
  • If you are replacing just the fan then the existing support box should work. But if the lights need to be replaced, then you will need to consult the lighting showroom or a licensed contractor and get a specialized support base installed for the light
  • Unpack the fan and read through Kichler’s instruction manual for installing the fan and gather all the tools that you will require
Installation of the fan body
  • Remove the decorative canopy from the fan’s body and loosen the screws that attaché the hanger bracket of the canopy. Next take the canopy and attach it to the ceiling using the screws and the washer in the support box
  • The next step would be to get the fan body installed in the ceiling. One important tip about installing ceiling fans is that do not install the fan body with the blades attached. It is easier to get the fan body up there and then attach the blades
  • Take the unit from the fan body and loosen the set screws and remove the cross pin and slide the hanger ball off the down rod. Next loosen the two screws and remove the pins from the top of the motor.
  • Ceilings that are higher than nine feet will need a down rod extension for the fan. Kichler’s down rods give a wobble free connection to the ceiling fan and should not be cut. (Visit Kichler’s site for to check out the proper sized downrod for ceiling fan.
  • Once the appropriate downrod is selected, feed the wires from the fan motor through the downrod and attach it by screwing it tightly using the pins that were removed.
  • Tighten the screws until the downrod is fully secure and slip the coupling cover, decorative canopy cover and ceiling cove through the downrod. Next reattach the hanger ball using the cross pin that are earlier removed and tighten the screw until it is secure. Now the fan body is ready to go up the ceiling!
  • Nestle the hanger ball into the bracket and rotate fan body until the slot is secure. Check to ensure that it does not rotate or wobble.
Installing the remote control system
  • If you are installing ceiling fans with a remote control system, then you will need check whether battery in the remote control matches the ones in the receiver.
  • Now the remote control receiver needs to be installed in the bracket on the flat site facing the ceiling. Attach the wires in the receiver to the ones in the fan by just following the easy-to-understand color code and secure it with the plastic wire nuts that are provided.
  • Attach the remaining wires to the electrical wires in the support base and feed all of them back in the box. Next slide the fan’s decorative canopy all the way up to secure it with screws and tighten it.
Fixing the Blades
  • Next come the blades. Remove the protective rubber brackets from the motor and attach the fan blade to the arms using the screws and the washer that is provided and attach it to the fan body.
Installing the Light
  • Next you will need to install the light fixture onto the Kichler fan. Remove the plug from the switch housing before installation and attach it to the light using the hardware provided.
  • Remove one of the screws from the underside of the fan and loosen the other two. Slide the mounting plate under the two screws and lock it firmly in place. Now reattach the third screw and tighten all of them, until it is secure. Now connect the wires in the light to the ones in the fan and make sure the connected wires are the same color.
  • Once the light is connected, feed the wires back into the fan and fix the light into the screw and turn until it locks secure. Next tighten all the screws and add the light bulbs and install the shade. Voila! You have successfully installed a new fan!
  • Now turn the power back to test your project and check the cool options available in this remote controlled fan.
Source: Kichler Youtube Channel

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