How Harmful Plastic Bags Are?

It is a known fact that plastic plays very important role on our daily lives. The reason why we use plastic is due its ease of use, light weight, strength, durability & non-reactivity. Even though It has made life easier, the fact is that after consuming the plastic items and when they are no longer of any use to use , we simply throw them away, and we forget to realise the aftermath.

Have you ever wondered how plastic travels all over the places and pollute the environment? Watch this video to get more information.

What are the better alternatives to plastic bags?

The all time best alternative is COTTON BAGS. Although cotton bags are have their own pros and cons, they are not as dangerous as plastic bags and they don't pollute the ocean and kill the marine life. 

Is Magento the Best eCommerce Platform

More often than not, many web developers & business owners believe that Magento is the best ecommerce platform in the market.

Even if you search online with a query "the best ecommerce platform", you might see numerous result and one of them could be Magento or at least someone would have suggested Magento.

It is true that Magento has a lot of ecommerce features that are required to run an ecommerce business. 
Magento ecommerce platform is known its flexibility & scalability and one of the reasons why exactly most ecommerce business owners and web developers prefer Magento than other ecommerce platform. With that being said, one thing you must understand is 'there is nothing like the perfect ecommerce platform". Depending up on your requirement and business model, any platform can be the best and Magento has always been the most considered and best ecommerce platform for so many ecommerce business model.  
Nafi over at say that why everyone prefers Magento is because it is OPEN SOURCE, MADE FOR ECOMMERCE, HIGHLY SCALABLE & CUSTOMISABLE & SEO FRIENDLY
Magento features two basic editions, the Community Edition and the Enterprise edition. The Magento Community Edition features two most favored characteristic of modern-day platforms, being free and open source. This edition cannot work on large scale websites with many products. It hasn’t got technical support either. On the other hand, Magento features community based support where other users can help you with your issues. It is great for learning, with the target audience being developers and merchants with a passion for tech.
Before choosing Magento, you need to understand different editions/versions available in the platform, the Enterprise edition & the Community edition. If you are a startup & a mid-sized established company who would like to sell products online, then go for community edition as they are 100% free & open source. The community edition works best as long as you don't need much scalability with millions of products. The one big drawback is, it doesn't have the customer support. On the other side, we have the enterprise edition, which is much more powerful than the community edition with advanced features, functionalities & can be scalable to withstand very large website with great customer support.

Learn more from the infographic about the different Magento versions from

Your Mini Guide to Choosing Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

I remember as a young child the single fluorescent fixture that hung in the middle of the kitchen in the home I lived. At time this kitchen light was to bright when you were looking for a snack in the middle of the night. When there was cooking or baking to be done in the kitchen it was to din to read the recipes we were trying to use. Kitchen lighting has come a long way since then. 

In today’s modern kitchen there are several different types of kitchen lighting to help us accomplish what we need in the kitchen. In some of today’s modern kitchens the type of hardware and doors that are being used in the kitchen along with the correct choice of lighting the kitchen becomes a display area and adds a great look of elegance to our homes. 


We will look at a few popular types of fixtures used in the kitchen and see what they have to offer.

Track Lighting

This is a great way to offer halogen, fluorescent, and high-low voltage lights that will help you to direct the lighting where you need. There are several different type of track lighting that can be configured in hundreds on different combinations. You can also use the existing electrical box from the light already installed in the kitchen as a starting point. A wide variety of fixtures available for track lighting will help to add to the look you are looking for as well as being placed to highlight the areas you need the light the most.

Once you select the fixture you will want to align them in a way as to not cast shadows on the work area where you will be working. 

A good example of this would be to place a fixture overhead on the left and right side of the sink. 

In this manner you will not be blocking the light from the work area the way you would if you add a single overhead fixture. You will want to do the same over other work areas such as the cutting area and over the cooktop.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting will add light where you need it most. In a lot of cabinet configurations, the upper cabinets will block the light from the areas under the top cabinets. This is the area where a lot of the small appliances such as the microwave, coffee pot, and blenders are located. This type of lighting will also help to illuminate cutting boards and cookbooks for easier reading. Under cabinet lights are available in three different bulb varieties. Fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent. Fluorescent lights will cast a cool white glow under the cabinets. These bulbs are available in several different sizes to help accommodate the lengths of your cabinets.

Halogen lights are available in strips as well as disk and puck style. These lights will cast a warm glow that is not overpowering but will provide a great light to work with. Halogen lights are almost the same ambient light as sunlight. Surface mount as well as recessed fixture are available for halogen bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are also available in a variety of fixtures that will burn smaller bulbs giving you the light you need without producing too much heat. Whichever type of under counter lighting you choose be sure to mount it to the front of the upper cabinets to light up the work area more. If they are mounted closer to the back the fixtures will light up the wall instead of the needed work area.

Recessed Lighting

Most of the recessed lighting you see in the kitchen are standard “can” fixtures with different types of bulbs. These canister lights as they are also known are basically used around the perimeter of a room. They tend to light up walls, floors, and cabinet fronts. The canisters can be installed with different types of lights sockets that can be directed anywhere you need the light. These two types of sockets are known as eyeball and wall washers. 

You can easily upgrade existing canister lights by switching the trim package. You can utilize the same canister but change the trim package to except the different types of light bulbs that suite you the best. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that the trim packages for canister lights are made to fit the same canisters of the manufacturer.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches can be a great addition to any lighting package. There are times when you will not need the kitchen light to be fully bright. If you are cooking, reading recipes, or cutting and chopping you will need the light over your work area. Perhaps you will want to enjoy a nice dinner you can then turn the dimmer down to help create that special atmosphere. 

A dimmer switch will allow you to have general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting from the same lights in your kitchen. Dimmer switches will add an extra touch of versatility to your kitchen lighting.

Bulb Options

We have many more bulb options today than we have had in the past. In the past our main choices of bulbs were incandescent or fluorescent. They were good for lighting but there were a couple of things that were disadvantages of these bulbs. The incandescent bulbs were bright and put off plenty of light but they also but of a lot of heat. Fluorescent lighting gave us a different type of lighting but at times the bulbs took a few minutes to get started. 

With today’s bulb choices such as CFL’s, LED’s and halogen bulbs we have a brighter and truer colors in light offerings today. Not only do these bulbs offer great lighting they also help us to cut energy cost and save money. 

When you are ready to upgrade the lighting in your home be sure do your research and take a look here for your lighting needs,

Modern Vanity Lighting is the New Trend

Did you know that modern vanity lighting is the new trend? Look around and notice how lights on the walls are filling contemporary spaces.

Modern Vanity Lighting is the New Trend for Decoration of Modern Spaces in your Home or Office

Just take a look at your office and other public areas. If you are observant of the elements around, you will notice how Modern Vanity Lighting is filling all spaces rapidly. They are mostly used on the wall and just for decoration porpoises.

Do not stay in the past and jump to the rising wave of Modern Vanity Lighting for your home. On the following sections, we are going to give you a piece of advice on what you can do and how to use them. You will learn how to take the most of your Modern Vanity Lighting. They can be of much use, and not just a mere decoration. We have gathered some of the beautiful vanity lighting from a Miami based lighting stores

Your Bathroom’s mirror can benefit from Modern Vanity Lighting

A bathroom is a perfect place to add Modern Vanity Lighting. This beautiful sample from Z-Lite is the perfect choice for a small mirror. There is a model with 4 lights if you have a wider space.
The best of this sort of lighting for your bathroom’s mirror is that you can combine the same style upside down to give some accents to certain parts of the place. For example, I like to highlight the corners or the sides of the mirror.

DEWALT, The Power Every DIY Needs

Dewalt is one of the reputed names in industrial hardware supplies. It delivers the power needed to do extremely tough jobs, even in the condition where there is no power sources.

Many DIY profs trust dewalt and due to its immense ability perform the toughest jobs easily. One of the Dewalt's drilling tools, FLEXVOLT cordless tools helps Isak build tough and durable houses in Sweden's rugged backcountry.

Flexvot is compatible with DEWALT 20V Max*, and 120V max tools. The batteries of Flexvolt gives you the power of freedom and longevity to perform the job without any interruption.

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