Friday, 24 February 2017

Overhaul Your Windows Media Player by Renaming Your Songs

Renaming Windows Media Player Songs  
Windows Media Player (WMP) is the only digital jukebox that all versions of Windows prefer most. WMP offers a number of features to arrange your music files, create playlists, transform CDs into songs, and turn songs back into CDs. The most striking one in this jukebox is it dramatic cosmetic overhaul.

How Does WMP Work?

The default WMP works nicely, but sometimes you want something a little more customized. Inside every WMP resides Find Album Info—it helps you to find the info about your tracks. It's working is pretty simple: choose the correct album from the available selections and you're off and running. But there's an issue: it works only on a song-by-song basis. That's not automatic enough, even when you select all your songs.  

Now Rename Your WMP Songs

Every song is likely to have its own unique name. Renaming them manually can be risky. An automatic and safe way to rename songs in Windows Media player is to use the Easy File Renamer utility. Download it here: Rename Songs.

You generally need to change names one at a time, if you’re doing in manually. Here's how:
1. Open WMP.
2. Tap the Library tab.
3. Scroll in the leftmost pane to My Playlists.
4. Select the name of the playlist that needs your attention.
5. In that playlist, right-click on any song and tap Find Album Info.
6. Now search that name of the song.
7. Hit Next. (WMP starts collecting info about the song you've selected)
8. Make sure it's correct. Tap Edit (if it does not display the correct info). Type the new name and hit Enter.
9. Tap Finish.
Another handy feature is to use a WMP's in-built editor. It's handy: click a song's name and choose Rename Song. Here's how:

1. Open WMP.
2. Find your Playlist.
3. Right-click on any song and tap Edit.
4. Now you're all set.
Wondering whether renaming a song renames the playlist as well? No. The playlist name remains the same. But you can rename your playlist as well, if you'd like. WMP always picks up whatever is available in your My Music/My Playlists.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Modern Vanity Lighting is the New Trend

Did you know that modern vanity lighting is the new trend? Look around and notice how lights on the walls are filling contemporary spaces.

Modern Vanity Lighting is the New Trend for Decoration of Modern Spaces in your Home or Office

Just take a look at your office and other public areas. If you are observant of the elements around, you will notice how Modern Vanity Lighting is filling all spaces rapidly. They are mostly used on the wall and just for decoration porpoises.

Do not stay in the past and jump to the rising wave of Modern Vanity Lighting for your home. On the following sections, we are going to give you a piece of advice on what you can do and how to use them. You will learn how to take the most of your Modern Vanity Lighting. They can be of much use, and not just a mere decoration. We have gathered some of the beautiful vanity lighting from a Miami based lighting stores and

Your Bathroom’s mirror can benefit from Modern Vanity Lighting

A bathroom is a perfect place to add Modern Vanity Lighting. This beautiful sample from Z-Lite is the perfect choice for a small mirror. There is a model with 4 lights if you have a wider space.
The best of this sort of lighting for your bathroom’s mirror is that you can combine the same style upside down to give some accents to certain parts of the place. For example, I like to highlight the corners or the sides of the mirror.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Incredible Benefits of Visitor Management Procedure to Corporate Success

Visitor management procedure has a profound impact on the success of any enterprise irrespective of the size. There is the pervasive misconception that small scale businesses and companies do not require visitor management procedure. Similarly, many people often trivialize the distinctive important and relevance of visitor management procedure to effective and efficient facility management and business administration and organizational success in large companies. 

Via Cogent

Undoubtedly, all of these popularized impressions on the importance of visitor management procedures are further form the truth.  The topmost priority of any organization is to promote corporate image in ways that generates goodwill from its various publics. 

Adopting and implementing a visitor management procedure can help an organization achieve this mandate while eliminating hiccups that interfere with effective administration and daily operations. Incorporating visitor management procedure has the unique benefit of making visits to the organization worthwhile and productive for both visitors and the company, hence it must be prioritized for enhanced business operations.

There are many difficulties associated with the failure to implement a good visitor management procedure in a company. Most of the difficulties could be disadvantageous to business objectives and must therefore be avoided. The scope of visitor management procedures is quite thorough with the goal of helping visitors have a pleasurable and fulfilling visit while propelling the organizations towards its goals. Visitor management is particularly relevant in creating a friendly corporate image for the company. More so, it creates a friendly work environment that expedites visiting periods while facilitating the accomplishment of various visit missions. A good visit management procedure also helps the organization gather relevant information about visitors anytime that would be useful for administrative purposes, and this can be achieved when you have good saas based visitor management software like TouchPoint

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The New Frontier in Inkjet Printing

 The New Frontier

Inkjet printing has been called the "new frontier" in textile printing as it offers numerous advantages in operational efficiency, environmental impact and ease of use. The ink in an Inkjet printer is the most important component of the printing process. Its chemistry and formulation not only determine the printing quality but also the jetting characteristics.

The technology involved in digital printing has completely transformed the textile industry in particular by its capability to print quickly and create almost every conceivable color. However, ink penetration, along with various problems regarding quality, can occasionally still be worrisome. However, researchers are continually making strides in developing superior inks that are superior to inks previously used by conventional printing methods.

Dressing in Digital Prints
Image Source: Ponoko

Most of this research concerns problems relating to color and the numerous pre-treatment technologies that ensure proper jetting behavior and color fastness. There have also been significant strides made in developing environmentally-friendly universal inks that are capable of printing on almost all of the various forms of textile substrate.

The process of digitally printing fabrics has rapidly evolved over the past few decades creating new opportunities for printers, designers and regular consumers. An important component of the technology is the ink itself. The Chinese and Egyptians invented carbon-residue ink around 2500 BC. The process was improved by the first century AD by burning oil mixed with gum or water. Since then, there has been continual improvement in the development of color ink until today when modern technology continues to produce better inks every year.

Adhesion and Cohesion

There are two important properties for the different types of today's ink: adhesion and cohesion. Adhesion refers to the capability of the ink to adhere or stick to different materials. Cohesion involves the capability of the ink to hold together properly without separating. Both of these properties involve the chemical nature of the pigment particles, especially considering that their ability to disperse is based on how much force is required to send the ink in a continuous stream so each particle becomes completely encased by the substrate and doesn't contact other pigment particles.

One of the most interesting aspects about using digital printing on textiles is the enormously wide array of different markets where it can be used. Historically, traditional rotary printers applied standard graphic printers to apply inks to fabrics because of the high cost of rotary screen engraving. When digital inks were introduced, many users began to see cost savings in addition to other benefits. In addition, new applications became apparent in addition to textiles including signs, banners, flags and even leather and home furnishings.


 Sampling costs have also played a major role in in the success of digital printing fabrics. Printing patterns on both fabric and paper now compares favorably with traditional screen printing. Prior to the introduction of digital textile printing, the process of sampling was a costly and time-consuming process that could last for weeks. Digital textile printing has reduced this process down to as little as only a few hours today.

Additional markets for digital inkjet printing have been developed as well as innovative software tools, insuring that the inkjet printing industry will continue to be be an even more valuable tool for companies to use not only today but in the future as well.

This article was written and contributed by Erryn Deane from Needham Ink 

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Unique New Laser Engraving Markets

Pic Source: Needham FB

Almost anyone can start up a laser engraving business and become a success. All it takes is a computer, graphics-based software, and the laser engraver machine itself. Deciding on what to engrave requires finding customers who are willing to pay you for your services, and as the engraving market becomes more and more crowded, smart business people are looking to fill niches that others haven't already explored. 

Friday, 2 September 2016

Top Tech to Hunt for This Year’s (2016) Black Friday

For tech fans, deals offered during Black Friday would be bigger than those offered during Christmas. 

As you can see, it is the day when tech retailers will go crazy slashing prices of pretty much everything they are selling. 

Here are the top tech products to hunt for this year’s Black Friday!

Apple Products

In the previous years, among the hottest products on Black Friday were the iPad mini and other Apple products, and it is still expected to be the case in 2016. People are again waiting to see some attractive deals on these items, not only because of their popularity, but also because of their flexibility in prices.


Are you asking whether or not there will be any Black Friday discounts on hoverboards

Well, you will not be disappointed because this most sought-after item during the 2015 Black Friday is surely going to be a featured item to get a great discount on. If you already own a hoverboard, there are definitely some new models or accessories out that you could save on.

Video Consoles

Game consoles are always in demand during Black Friday, with PS4 and Xbox One being the biggest sellers at great prices the previous years. This year, you would see retailers offering great deals on console bundles with deep discounts. Aside from the PS4 and Xbox One, you can also anticipate great deals on other newer consoles, such as the Wii U and 3DS XL.

Television Sets

Much like video consoles, television sets are always hot during Black Friday, so you can expect great deals on these units, especially 4K and LED models this year. It is predicted that the most popular brands this time would include Sharp, LG, Vizio, Seiki and Samsung, which would be sold at about half their prices.


Continuing to be popular purchase from the last Black Friday, smartphones are expected to also take the stage this year, with most attractive prices. This year’s Black Friday would see retailers offering discounts on the latest models, which could include the iPhone 6, 5s and 5c models, as well as Android phones. It is even said that you can expect these phones to be bundled with incentives and gift cards, such as store credits or free accessories.


As a contender in the electronics category, with prices dropping considerably over the years thanks to technological advancements and market saturation, some models of laptops will always have the deepest discounts in this year’s Black Friday, along with gaming consoles and TVs. Last year saw laptop models, such as those from Acer and Dell, sold cheaply even down to about a hundred dollars, which means that the same deals would be offered this year. You can also check manufacturers who would offer free shipping, as well as flash sales with retailers that would offer competitive prices for a specific period of time.

All in all, the top tech products to hunt for this year’s Black Friday are popular electronics and other products that you see saturating the market today!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

How to Select designer glasses frames

It can be difficult to know which glasses or sunglasses suit you best. Often the prices of glasses can be shocking, and you still don't know whether they are the best suited to you. After having these problems for many years, I have written the following article to help anyone in a similar situation. If you follow the below points you should be able to successfully purchase a pair of glasses or sunglasses which suit you, are high quality and affordable.

Before purchase prescription sunglasses or glasses I would advise you to have an eye test. Although this is an additional expense, it may be that you no longer need glasses. This can often be the case, and although you've paid for the eye examination, you will not have to pay for new glasses. If you do have to have glasses, many places will do the test for free as you are getting new specs from them.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Use Glass table tops for the beauty and Usability elements in Home Decor

Purchasing of the glass table tops, users have to spend money and the sufficient time in selecting and choosing the right one to make them unique and stands alone among all the furniture. There are different shapes and sizes of the tables used at home and picking the perfect glass for them is a big challenge and task to perform. 

The glasses for the tables are found and are available in a versatile and stylish protector so that the wooden furniture of your house will not be damage. The glass table tops adds the extra elegance and beauty in the home furniture of yours.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tips for Selecting Men's Glasses Frames

When you are going to select designer's glasses you need to be quite selective in choosing the glasses. 

You may like the pair of glasses at online glasses store or from some shop, once you wear the glasses you see your reflection in the mirror you might feel sick the reason is quite simple and easy to understand, before choosing a designer frame you need to know your facial shape. 

Round design face is for the People like David Beckham has a square face.  Those who have Rounder face cut like Gerard Bulter can choose any glasses of their choice.

Whenever you are buying glasses, make sure that they are not obtrusive on your face. 

Nowadays darker frames are trending they are suitable for everyone to know which suits best use virtual mirrors available in the stores.  Designers are offering numerous ranges of colors. 

Adding Humour to The Content You Share Will Give It Virality

Laughter is the language of the world and the one thing everyone understands is a good joke. Even if you don’t speak the language, the funny images and one-liners speak louder. 

The power of laughter is unmatched as it bridges gaps between demographics, ages, cultures and languages. It is one way to unite everyone so it’s not a surprise to us that funny images and clever hashtags are always popular on all social media channels. 

It has also been stated “humor was employed at near unanimous levels for all viral advertisements. Consequently, this study identified humor as the universal appeal for making content viral.”

So, it goes without saying that if you’re putting up funny pictures on social media especially for your brand or page, it’s bound to be more viral. It leaves a mark on your consumer’s mind and sparks the want for conversations, shares, likes and retweets.