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10 People On Earth Who are Full of Wonders

The world has so many unseen wonders for us to show but we may not have seen what is even visible. Watch this video to see these 10 people who are very unique and full of wonders.

#10. Yu Zhenhuan - Man with full of hairs all over his body (almost 96%) due to some hormonal imbalance.
#9. Helmut Strebl - A 49 year old Austrian bodybuilder who said have only 3% of body fat. His level dedication shows us that hard work, dedication and passion truly paves the way to success.
#8. Tran Van Hay – Most people may not like this due to is ugly appearance. A man from Vietnam has not cut his hair for nearly 50 years and has not shown it to any outsiders.
#7. Ekaterina Lisina – If you like tall women, then you may start liking this Russian model who is 6 feet 9 inches tall and also said to have a biggest feet for any woman on earth.
#6. Nikita Tkachuk – Although this bulgy body looks fake but he somehow managed to make it to the list. This man from Russia has a huge body size which is said to be …

Your Mini Guide to Choosing Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

I remember as a young child the single fluorescent fixture that hung in the middle of the kitchen in the home I lived. At time this kitchen light was to bright when you were looking for a snack in the middle of the night. When there was cooking or baking to be done in the kitchen it was to din to read the recipes we were trying to use. Kitchen lighting has come a long way since then. 
In today’s modern kitchen there are several different types of kitchen lighting to help us accomplish what we need in the kitchen. In some of today’s modern kitchens the type of hardware and doors that are being used in the kitchen along with the correct choice of lighting the kitchen becomes a display area and adds a great look of elegance to our homes. 

We will look at a few popular types of fixtures used in the kitchen and see what they have to offer.
Track Lighting
This is a great way to offer halogen, fluorescent, and high-low voltage lights that will help you to direct the lighting where you need. Ther…

How to pick the perfect lighting for your dining room

Your dining room is a special place in the home. Where people not only eat, but socialize, celebrate, and learn. So of course you want to make the dining room as perfect as it deserves to be. That includes picking lighting that will create the right mood and be practical at the same time.
One of the first steps to picking the perfect lighting for your dining room is to examine how you will  be using the space. 
Do you like to host lots of parties with your friends or do you mainly use your dining room for your family? Will your children be doing their homework at the table or will you be doing work there? If you need a lot of light, you may want to consider multiple lighting fixtures and recessed lighting. If you want to be able to control the ambience of the room, then you will want to get fixtures that are dimmable.

Next you need to assess the space you’re working with. If it is a large dining room then you will want a large main fixture that is to scale with the space. If you have…

4 Powerful DIY Heel Pain Treatment

Are you suffering from heel pain?

There are a few simple things that you can do immediately.

If you do have pain in your heel you may have plantar fasciitis the most common type of heel pain. The plantar fascia is a band of tissue that supports your arch it runs from your heel to the base of your toes, when it is overused it becomes inflamed and very painful.

Do you know heel pain is the most frequent foot complaint of New Yorkers. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons 2 million Americans develop heel pain a year it typically feels like a sharp pain in your heel especially with that first step in the morning this is because the plantar fascia tightens while you're sleeping and if you stand on that foot without stretching the fascia first you may restart the cycle of micro-tears and inflammation and that is very painful.

There are a variety of risk factors for heel pain such as weight gain, poor fitting shoes, increase in the amount of standing walking or stair …

The Unbiased Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone Review 2017

By now the Samsung Galaxy S8 may not be the latest smart phone for July 2017, but it is surely one of the best smartphones from Samsung and it's worth knowing the review even after 2 months of its release.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is Samsung's flagship smartphone for the year 2017 and it has all the necessary features and technologies to compete with Apple Iphone 7. Be sure to check this video review and let us know your feedback by commenting below.

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Create Your Free Cartoon Online with

Today I happened to visit a site that creates SVG avatar. 

This site creates a free cartoon online for yourself so that you can use it to build your own personal brand. The coolest thing about this avatar maker is that it provides you with various cartoon options with a lot of attribute choices such as various eye options, hair options, etc. Not just these, you can also use different pre-loaded clothing styles, backdrops and colours to choose.
Here is how you can create your own avatar in
First choose your genderOnce you have chosen your gender, you ll straightaway see the list of face attributes to chooseChoose the face shape that resembles yours or any shape that you see a good fit for your avatarNext, choose the various mouth options. Choose this option very carefully because it will deliver the overall emotion of the avatar. If you want to be seen as the coolest avatar, choose the smiling shape.Then, choose the nose option and then the earsWhile doing each step,…

Is logo really important for any business?

First thing first, what is a logo? A logo is a blend of textual and visual imagery that represents either a company name or a symbol or both. Logos are a powerful business tool that communicates with the user every time they look at it and reminds of the business name or its purpose.
We have witnessed some of the greatest logos in our recent times and these logos have got struck in to our minds that even if you ask a kid they would be able to tell what the company is all about. Coco Cola and McDonalds are a few greatest examples to relate in this context. Generally, a human brain can grasp visually designed text or images much faster than plain text so having a professional logo that delivers a clear message for your business can build your brand much faster and easier.
When big businesses design logos they undergo a series of process and a lot of iterations happen. A lot of mock-up design logos are created with pre-defined set of rules such as what should appear in logo and what shou…